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Eggo. On 31 August 2001, Laina & Jenna filmed a commercial for Eggo waffles.  This time, they were the only babies that were filmed, so as long as the commercial airs, they'll be in it.  We'll post the air date here as soon as we find out when it is.

RE/MAX.  Jenna & Laina's first commercials (TV & print) were filmed in October 2000.  The commercial aired in late 2000 and early 2001, but Jenna and Laina's scenes were pretty much left on the editing room floor.

Erin Brockovich. Laina & Jenna's first feature film!  They played Julia Roberts baby in a few scenes in this movie.

Popular.  Jenna & Laina's second television appearance was on the WB's "Popular." Their episode aired on Thursday 9 December 1999 and re-aired on Monday 20 December 1999. Popular

Oh Baby Oh Baby!  On 9 October 1999, Laina & Jenna starred in an episode of the cable TV comedy, Oh Baby.  Read all about it here.

TV/movie interviews.  Find out about the TV/movie interviews Jenna, Laina, and Austin have gone to.  In addition to the roles they've won above, they went to interviews for the roles listed here.


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