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Here's a synopsis of the Oh Baby episode Laina & Jenna stared in on Saturday, 9 October 1999.

Laina played the single dad's
(Jeff Yagher) daughter, Bridgette.

Oh Baby: Rebound
Tracy dates a single dad (Jeff Yagher), but realizes he's not for her after they stop bringing their kids on dates and have to face each other one-on-one. She decides to break up---then learns her ex is dating someone new. Meanwhile, Charlotte has an affair with a younger man, a millionaire who's rumored to become the owner of the company where she and Tracy work.

Cast: Cynthia Stevenson, Joanna Gleason, Jessica Walter, Doug Ballard, Matt Champagne, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Jeff Yagher, Laina Hoff
Category: Other, comedy


Date Time Channel
Sat 9 10:00 PM 40 LIFETIME
Mon 11 12:00 AM 40 LIFETIME


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