On 8/31/01, Laina and Jenna filmed a commercial for Eggo waffles at the Manhattan Beach Raleigh Studios.


Laina & Jenna's Role

In the commercial, there is a dad, his a 9 year old son, and his two year old daughter sitting around the breakfast table.  The dad finishes his Eggo's, looks at his 9 year old's waffles (but doesn't take them), and then tries to take his two year old's waffles.  Since the two year old doesn't want to give up her waffles, she (Laina/Jenna) grabs the dad's finger and twirls him around over her head so he can't get her Eggo's.

The commercial began airing around 10/15/01, mostly on kid's channels (Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc.) but also a few times on other channels (KTLA, KTTV, etc.).

Eggo commercial scene

I have an MPEG copy of the commercial.  Send me an e-mail if you would like me to send a copy to you.  Please specify if you'd like the low bandwith version (~1.7M) or the high bandwith version (~5.6M).


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