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I can't belive you actually came here to see what I think is cool!
No links to Yahoo, Microsoft, or other well known sites here ... only some cool one's you may not have heard of.


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City of Torrance - City Council meeting minutes, crime maps, etc. Information packed site.
Daily Breeze - The local rag. "Torrance, not Tarzana."
Downtown Los Angeles - Downtown walking tour.
Downtown L.A. - More info about the downtown that most people think does not exist.
Union Station - The Los Angeles Rail Transit Web Page. Los Angeles has rail transit?  See for yourself.
Los Angeles Conservancy - Preserving and revitalizing greater Los Angeles' architectural heritage.
Los Angeles Traffic Report - Real-time Los Angeles freeway traffic information.
Waiter.Com - Hungry? Order some food from a Torrance restaurant.
L.A. County Restaurant Rating Page - Find out what letter grade your favorite restaurant received.

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Los Angeles Dodgers - Think blue. Official Dodgers homepage
Dodgerwatch Ticket Exchange - Buy & sell Dodger tickets. Finally, you can get those great seats (for a price).
LongBeachState.com - The official home of LBSU athletics.
Unofficial UCLA Basketball Page - All Bruin hoop. All the time. News, schedule, commentary, recruiting.
USC Football - The unofficial USC Trojan football web site.
Ballparks Online - All you ever wanted to know about U.S. stadiums, past, present, & future.
Brilliant Careers: Vin Scully - the gold standard for baseball announcers.

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Letterman's Top Ten List -   Are you a TTL fan, too?
The 80s Server - Everything you ever wanted to know about that wonderful decade.
Dialectizer - Translate English to Jive, Redneck, Elmer Fuddish, Pig Latin, etc.  Check it out.
SchoolHouseRock - Conjunction Junction, I'm Just a Bill, Lolly Lolly Lolly ... brings back memories.
KROQ - World famous ... 106.7

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AltaVista: Translations - English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian ... it's multilingual!
USGS - Earthquake Information - Did you feel that?
"How far is it? - Los Angeles to Buenos Aires? Find out here. [6101 miles].
TerraServer - You can almost see yourself in these great satellite maps.
World Clock - What time is it in London? Find out here.
California Legal Codes - Find out if the citation that cop gave you is for a legal violation.
Internal Revenue Code - Full contents of Title 26. Were you suppose to take that deduction?
Legal Self-Help - Legal self-help pages. Before you call Anne for advice, check here.
MedicineNet - Great section on diseases, conditions, and treatments.
Code Check - Help with building codes.

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BabyCenter - Have/Having a baby? This is a great resource. (Don't forget to read Rhonda's postings.)
Give Me A Break - John Stossel reports on issues others overlook and says the things that need to be said.
TWINS Magazine - Magazine for parents of twins.
Photo Net - Great pictures and much, much more.

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LIDS - Hat Retailer.  Buy a LBSU hat here.
TheTrip.com:theFLIGHT - Track a flight.  Great graphics.
Download.com - PalmPilot - If you've got one of the PalmPilots, this is a must visit.   Software galore.
Recycler Classifieds - Never pay $1.25 for the print version again. Read it here.
CIAC Internet Hoaxes - Disneyworld giveaway? Bill Gates e-mail? Find out the truth here.
theHoffs.com - The best family website on the Internet.  But since you're already here, you already know that!

Let me know about any cool - but obscure - sites you know about.


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