The fun, or at least not-so-serious stuff, is here.

Greatest Sports Moment Clock: How much time since the greatest moment in sports history?

Amazing Coincidences from the Womb: Separated at birth.

How Many Shopping Days Are Left: Birthday countdown clock.

Rules of Shotgun: Calling the passenger seat in an auto.

Softball Results: Crash Test Dummies

Hall of Shame: Read the Crash Test Dummies shameful stats & smashboard.

Stupid Games: Here are a few worthless (?), but interesting (?) games you can play.

Asteroids Remember this classic?
Connect4 4 up, down, or across and you win.
Othello Takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.
Snake Pit Gotta be quick.
Reflex See how fast your reflexes are.
Guess Guess the number I'm thinking.
Age Calculator Not really a game, but still worthless.  Calculate your age in days.

Weather: The weather's got to be good if you're going to play, right?