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Shameful Stats

Most nicknames created (49): John Vikre
Most rules correctly verified (3): Tom Fournier
Most 3rd outs in a game (4): Tim Dossa
Most incorrect interpretation of rules (9): Tom Fournier
Most ejections (1): Jeff Bal / John Abrena
Most ugly slides (10): John Lucero
Most missed cut-offs (50): Jeff Bal
Most grounders through the legs in the outfield (24): Jeff Bal
Most apologies for an error (10 - 1 to each player & 1 to a fan in the stands): Garth Rosenberger
Most negative motiviations to a pitcher (infinite): Tom Fournier
Most "take a walk and back it up with talk" (1): Alvin Jardin
Most serious about the game (Tie): Tom & Garth
Most innings missed due to the "runs" (1): Tim Dossa
Most strikeouts in a game (2): Alvin Jardin
Two team strikeouts "looking" in an inning: Gregg Morisaki and Rick Landeis
Get out twice in an inning, but score three times in the same inning: Gregg Morisaki
Most grounded into double plays in one game (3): Josh Aguilar
Lowest vowel-to-letters ratio in name (2/9): Chas Krzan
Lowest run total in a 7 inning game (1 twice: 9/20/07 & 9/15/11): Dummies - you know who you are
Most consecutive "Most Valuable Providers" (3): Ben Takahashi (2001) / John Abrena (2009)
Most times doubled-off in a game (3): Dan Hoff



1 - 8/10/2014

-1' - 8/10/2014

1 - 8/10/2014

Someone should recall the webmaster. This site hasn't been updated in months. No spring rolls for you!
BettyBettyBetty - 3/16/2010

How am I supposed to manage my Fantasy Softball team without any updated stats on the website?
Fantasy Coach - 6/18/2008

This smashboard sux ass like Abrena.
Josh Fan Club President - 11/9/2006

Sure hope Abrena starts sure is sobering when he is in he fails to bring beer when he is in what the hell is the point in playing ball without beer...
The Beer Comission - 10/14/2005

You guys blow chunks like Tom's dog.
Toms Dog - 11/17/2003

New category = Most grounders missed in one game thru the wicket(2)
Alvin - 11/11/2003

I think I own the consecutive MVP award.
Dave - 11/11/2003

I'm whipped...but I still dig porn.
Geoff Brown - 10/24/2003

"You gotta cut the ump some slack, he was having a rough he's kinda cute." - commenting on the Abrena Incident -
Tim Dossa - 6/6/2003

That's right! UNDEFEATED!! Woo Ha!
King of the D League - 4/4/2003

I would hate to find the person posting these under my name (Geoff Brown). I would have to relegate them to catcher all season.
The Real Tim Dossa - 12/6/2002

Not to state the obvious, Geoff Brown is the CTD's STD. I would hate to break our winning streak by having him use his STD medication...especially in time for the playoffs.
Tim Pinky Dossa - 11/22/2002

"Got Her!" --stated the umpire as Rick was doubled up on a line drive at first.
Tim Dossa - 11/19/2002

Not to state the obvious, but T.Fournier is a clubhouse cancer. I would hate to break our winning streak by bringing him back onto the field...especially in time for the playoffs.
Tim Dossa - 11/19/2002

Junior's had more through his legs than the Tri-Sigs at Ft. Lauderdale in March.
Honda Civic at Wilson Lot - 10/25/2001

Your league is for pussies. The outfielders have it tougher than all. Get a good that doesn't masturbate so much.
Buck Chivas - 9/10/2001

I feel like a born again virgin (not by choice). John,for the love of God, scrap the switch hitting and get me some action!
Luceros Bat - 7/27/2001



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