If you have a Palm OS handheld (Palm Pilot, Palm III, Palm Vx, etc), you can download any of the files below to keep track of your favorite team's schedule (assuming your favorite team is also my favorite team).  

File Link File Description
csulb_bb_06.pdb '06 CSULB 49ers basketball schedule
ucsb_bb_06.pdb '06 UCSB Gauchos basketball schedule
ucla_bb_06.pdb '06 UCLA Bruins basketball schedule
afi_top_100.pdb American Film Institute's top 100 films of all time
sushi.pdb Learn all about sushi

NOTE: To view these files, you must have Mobile dB installed on your Palm device (see below).
For old schedules, see my Mobile Database Archive.

INSTRUCTIONS: To download one of these files to your Palm device, click on the appropriate file link above and ...

Netscape Users: 
1. 'Save as' on your computer's hard drive
2. Open Windows Explorer & double-click on the file you've just downloaded
3. Hot-sync your Palm device

Internet Explorer Users:
1. Choose 'Open this file from its current location'
2. Hot-sync your Palm device

Let me know if you'd like a particular team's schedule or if you'd like any other database info for use on your Palm and I can probably create it for you.

Mobile DB Lite

You must have Mobile dB installed on your Palm in order to view the files above.  This link will allow you to download a copy of Mobile dB Lite to your computer for installation on your Palm device.  Save this zip file to your computer's hard drive, unzip it, and install Mobile dB on your Palm.  If you have any problems, e-mail me or go to Handmark's website for help.

Handmark Website To be sure you have the latest version of Mobile dB or for more info, go directly to the manufacturer's website.


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