Here's some old Palm mobile databases ... 

NOTE: To view these files, you must have Mobile dB installed on your Palm device.

File Link File Description
usc_fb_05.pdb '05 USC football schedule
ucla_fb_05.pdb '05 UCLA football schedule
dodgers_05.pdb '05 Los Angeles Dodgers schedule (go Dodger Blue!)
csulb_bb_05.pdb '05 CSULB 49ers basketball schedule
ucsb_bb_05.pdb '05 UCSB Gauchos basketball schedule
ucla_bb_05.pdb '05 UCLA Bruins basketball schedule
usc_fb_04.pdb '04 USC football schedule
ucla_fb_04.pdb '04 UCLA football schedule
dodgers_04.pdb '04 Los Angeles Dodgers schedule. Go Dodger Blue!
csulb_bb_04.pdb '04 CSULB 49ers basketball schedule
ucsb_bb_04.pdb '04 UCSB Gauchos basketball schedule
ucla_bb_04.pdb '04 UCLA Bruins basketball schedule
usc_fb_03.pdb '03 USC football schedule
ucla_fb_03.pdb '03 UCLA football schedule
dodgers_03.pdb '03 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB schedule
dodgers_spr03.pdb '03 Spring training Dodgers schedule
csulb_bb_03.pdb '02-'03 Long Beach State basketball schedule (Go Beach!)
ucsb_bb_03.pdb '02-'03 UCSB basketball schedule
ucla_bb_03.pdb '02-'03 UCLA basketball schedule
ucla_fb_02.pdb 2002 UCLA football schedule
usc_fb_02.pdb 2002 USC football schedule
dodgers_02.pdb 2002 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB schedule
lakers_01.pdb 2001-02 Los Angeles Lakers basketball schedule
csulb_bb_02.pdb 2001-02 CSULB 49ers basketball schedule
ucla_bb_02.pdb 2001-02 UCLA Bruins basketball schedule
ucla_fb_01.pdb 2001 UCLA Bruins football schedule
usc_fb_01.pdb 2001 USC Trojans football schedule
dodgers_01.pdb 2001 Los Angeles Dodgers MLB schedule
ucla_bb_01.pdb '00-'01 UCLA Bruins men's basketball schedule
ucsb_bb_01.pdb '00-'01 UCSB Gaucho men's basketball schedule
csulb_bb_01.pdb '00-'01 Long Beach State 49ers men's basketball schedule (Go Beach!)
CTD_Win01.pdb '01 Winter Crash Test Dummies softball schedule
Xtreme_01.pdb '01 Los Angeles Xtreme schedule ... XFL baby!


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