Dodgers 6, Giants 5
Dodgers Sweep First-Ever Series at Pac Bell Park!!!


Dodgers Spoil Opening of Pac Bell Park!On Wednesday, April 12th, I went to the second game ever played at Pacific Bell Park.  Although our seats were crappy, it was great to see the Dodgers once again ruin a Giants party.  The Dodgers ended up sweeping the three games series and go down in the history books with the following "firsts" at Pac Bell Park:

- First game won
- First series sweep
- First home run ever hit (Kevin Elster)
- First game won while Daniel Hoff was in attendance
- Etc, etc, etc.

Since Lebus lost the bet on which team would win, he now must wear full Dodgers attire at the next Dodgers game at Pac Bell.  See a preview of what he will look like.



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