Torrance / Columbia Steel: 19??

Torrance / Columbia Steel: 19??


This is an early 20th Century aerial photo of the Columbia Steel plant in Torrance. In this photograph we are looking a little south of due east. 

The Columbia Steel buildings are in the foreground. The Pacific Electric viaduct crossing over Torrance Blvd and the Pacific Electric Torrance line is visible in the center background. The street running along the bottom of the photo is Arlington Avenue. It ends where drivers would have made a slight left turn on to Border Avenue.  Later, Arlington and part of Border were combined to form Van Ness Avenue.

Since the steel plant opened in 1916 (as Llewellyn Iron Works) and since there are not many buildings in the photo, my best guess is the photo was taken sometime between 1916 and the early 1920's.


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