Torrance City Hall: 1937

Torrance City Hall: 1937


This is a 1937 photo of Torrance's old City Hall. The camera is facing southeast from across Cravens Avenue.

This building, located at 1511 Cravens Avenue near El Prado, served as city hall from 1936 through 1956. At one time, the city's fire and police departments were also housed in buildings adjacent to this site. In 1959, Home Savings and Loan remodeled the building and moved in. Today, the building houses Time Warner Cable's Torrance office.

Here's a photo of the building in May 2003 (I wonder if all the ornamentation on the building in the above photo is hidden under the facade) ...

Old Torrance City Hall - May 2003

Plaque on the building just to the right of the entrance ...
Old Torrance City Hall historical plaque.


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